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The Elegant Montreal Condominium That Grew From a Refugee’s Vision

A stunning condominium project is taking shape in the heart of Montreal and it is getting worldwide attention. Graceful buildings are not unusual in the bustling shopping and entertainment center, but even in this upscale area, the YUL project stands out as much for its developer’s background as its luxury amenities. The enterprise began as the vision of Kheng Ly, a successful real estate developer with a growing fan base on social sites like www.pinterest.ca/khenglybrivia/. The now distinguished developer began life in a modest Cambodian family and not only survived his home country’s lethal political climate, but used his life lessons to build an empire.

From Refugee Camp to Montreal Business Owner

There was little in Kheng Ly’s beginnings that pointed to his current lifestyle. The successful developer, family man, and community leader spent his earliest years in a then deadly Cambodian political culture where 25% of the population lost their lives to genocide. Kheng Ly and his family survived and he soon became a very young “street businessman” selling retail and wholesale items. After spending time in a Vietnamese refugee camp, the family migrated to Canada.

A Young Visionary Delves Into Real Estate

A determined Kheng Ly worked several low-paying jobs in Montreal, but soon began his own textile business. He soon noticed the unlimited opportunities in real estate and began to learn that business. Beginning around 2000, the young developer and investor built a variety of projects that got him noticed in the industry. As his experience grew, he rebranded his business as Brivia Group, the company that would go on to develop Montreal’s YUL Condominiums.

Real Estate Development Leads to a Breathtaking Project

The Brivia Group spearheaded the YUL condominium project, which was designed by the celebrated architectural firm Menkès Shooner Dagenais LeTourneux. Rising 38 stories in downtown Montreal, the YUL is the largest luxury condo in Montreal. Its stunning design includes shifted block towers and 17 dazzling townhomes in the heart of an upscale district.

A new luxury condominium project that has become the jewel in Montreal’s crown was the vision of a Cambodian refugee-turned successful real estate developer. The condo provides stunning living spaces in the heart of the city’s most prestigious shopping and entertainment area.…

Downtown Montreal’s Successful YUL Project Earns Its Developer a Prestigious Award

The Canada China Business Council strives to promote international cooperation and investment. With many Chinese investors looking for ways to deploy their capital abroad, that now frequently means highlighting development projects in Canada.

In fact, some of the most impressive international success stories of recent years have seen Chinese capital funding major development in some of Canada’s fastest-growing cities. The noteworthy YUL development in downtown Montreal, for example, was made possible largely through the contributions of investors based in China.

That $215 million dollar condo project is now expected to repay its supporters handsomely. With Montreal’s Brivia Management carrying out the work on the ground, the project proceeded without any notable hitches or delays.

Many Observers See YUL as the First Step Into a New Era for Montreal

The Canada China Business Council found this particular story to be compelling enough that it honored Brivia Management’s Kheng Ly with its most prestigious award in 2016. The group’s Business Excellence Awards held at the end of that year provided many reasons to be impressed by what can be achieved through committed cooperation between Canada and China.

Brivia Management now has a well-established history of developing and transforming Montreal for the better. Relatively modest projects like its Innova and Nest condo developments have checked all the relevant boxes with an assuredness that has impressed many observers.

As one of the largest projects to ever hit Montreal, YUL naturally attracted a great deal of attention. Focused purely on luxurious living, the twin towers of the development were designed to add a prominent but respectful touch to Montreal’s steadily growing skyline.

Financing a project as large and ambitious as YUL is rarely easy in even the best of time. Under founder Kheng Ly’s leadership, Brivia Management made the fateful and productive decision to seek support from overseas.

A Welcome Injection of Capital Into Downtown Montreal

Looking abroad for capital turned out to be the best possible move for YUL’s developers. Before long, hundreds of millions in financing had been made available, providing everything Brivia Management needed to complete the project successfully. That singular accomplishment is one whose effects will be felt in Montreal for many years to come.…

The Duty of a Retailer in Preventing a Mass Shooting

Texas gun laws have been a source of great debate recently, thanks in large part to a mass shooting that took place at an El Paso Walmart store and the shooting spree that spanned the area between Midland and Odessa. One question that has arisen as a result of the Walmart shooting is whether retailers have a duty to protect their customers by providing security. In fact, this issue will soon be heading to court, as a family has filed a lawsuit against the retailer alleging they lacked the appropriate level of security.

Attorneys acting on behalf of Jessica and Guillermo Garcia, two individuals wounded in the Walmart attack, have filed a suit in El Paso County court. The suit names the two adults and their two children as the plaintiffs in the suit and is the first of its type, although more may appear in the future. The shooting killed 22 individuals while injuring another 24. Mr. and Mrs. Garcia thankfully survived the incident, but Guillermo was critically injured.

Jessica Garcia states her husband stood in front of her as the shooting took place. He blocked bullets they may have killed her, and she was forced to spend time in the hospital to recover from these injuries. Although she has been released, her husband remains in the hospital. At this time, he has undergone more than 12 surgeries and he remains in critical condition.

Is the retailer responsible for the actions of the shooter? Does the company have a duty to protect individuals shopping in one of its retail locations from a mass shooting? Could this incident have been foreseen and what steps should Walmart have taken to prevent it? These are only a few of the many questions that may arise from the lawsuit, and there are numerous others. The courts will ultimately decide how far a retailer must go to protect those visiting its establishment.

Anyone who has been injured through no fault of their own should consider speaking to an attorney. More can be learned about this case here. Be sure to follow the lawsuit as it makes it way through the courts. The decision of the court could have a major impact on how Americans shop in the future, so every person should know what is happening and how the case is progressing until it reaches a conclusion. …

Learn the Basics About Consumer Portfolio Services

Consumer Portfolio Services (CPS) is a financial service provider that specializes in helping drivers with poor credit histories and low income secure auto loans. They provide this service by purchasing retail installment sales contracts from car dealers. Read on to find out more about the company.

What They Do

The company works primarily with franchised used car dealerships, although the company also purchases retail installment sales contracts for new vehicles under some limited circumstances. It funds these purchases through the securitization market, then services the contracts until customers have paid off their cars.

History of Success

CPS was founded in 1991 in Irving, California, where it continues to operate its headquarters. Since its founding, CPS has purchased nearly $16 billion in sales contracts.

Today, CPS also has servicing branches in four additional states: Nevada, Virginia, Florida, and Illinois. However, the company purchases contracts from dealerships across the 48 continental United States.

Current Operations

As of late June, CPS has around 177,000 customers with open accounts. Its 1,045 current employees work with these customers to ensure timely payments so that debtors can keep their cars, dealers can sell their sales contracts, and investors can make money supporting this industry front-runner.

Info for Customers

Customers can get in touch with CPS by phone at (888) 469-4520 or they can manage their accounts online. CPS makes it easy to check application status, submit loan documents, view recent statements, and make payments via the Internet but for those who prefer to do things the old-fashioned way, they also offer the option of making payments by mail. Customers can mail their payments to P.O. Box 57071 in Irvine, CA, 92619.

Info for Dealers

CPS also maintains a dedicated website for auto dealers who want to sell their sales contracts. Dealers can submit credit applications, review contracts, and view the status of their current and pending contract packages online via Dealer Access. They can also sign up for the CPS direct mail program, giving them access to highly targeted customer lists and legitimate credit offers.

Info for Investors

The company’s common stock is traded under the NASDAQ ticker “CPSS.” Those interested in learning more about the company, its finances, and its stock information can visit the CPS website for additional information.…

Understand Exactly Why You’ll Want To Lease Commercial Property And Also What The Advantages Are

People who are prepared to start their company might need to acquire property they could utilize for an office building, for space for storing, or even for a store. In such cases, they’re going to desire to consider whether they want to buy property or even look into MN commercial real estate for lease. For many brand-new business owners, it’s going to be a much better strategy to proceed to check into renting the property they will require as this may provide many advantages.

One of the biggest advantages of considering commercial real estate for rent is the reduced start up cost. There are deposits necessary for the property that can differ depending on the kind of property along with the site, however this will likely be less pricey compared to the big downpayment necessary to be able to buy a property. It’s in addition far lower compared to the price to construct a new property, thus the brand new business proprietor doesn’t have to be worried about having the complete price or a substantial sum of money for the property at the same time they may be seeking to kick off the brand-new small business.

One more benefit to looking at the JGM Properties commercial real estate which are available for rent is that the brand new business owner can always change their own mind in a year or two if their business will be successful. If the enterprise grows rapidly, it is usually hard to be able to sell the outdated property, particularly when it was created especially for the small business. With a rental property, it’s simple for the brand new company owner to merely end their particular lease and start another one at the brand-new property. They’ll be in the position to select from a huge number of obtainable properties, thus they are going to be in the position to find a brand new property which will match the needs of their growing business.

If perhaps you want to seek out properties that could be good for your brand-new organization, take a little time to browse the Minnesota commercial real estate that’s offered for rent right now. This could be the best choice for your small business and also could provides you with the chance to find the ideal property now and also later on as your small business grows. Go to the web-site right now to find out much more regarding the properties offered today.…

Information on Supporting Your Claim 9 Factors That Help Determine Whos at Fault in a Car Accident

Auto accidents sometimes bring on great damage to the individual and their property. Negligent drivers must be held accountable for their actions. When someone is seriously injured in a car accident they did not cause, they have a right to seek fair compensation for their measurable damages. Being able to prove fault is the most important aspect of pursuing compensation. With this information, injured individuals can learn about Supporting Your Claim 9 Factors That Help Determine Whos at Fault in a Car Accident.

What Factors Determine Fault in a Car Accident?

There are a few factors that help determine fault in a car accident. The following offers insight into some of these factors so injured individuals will know what they face, should they decide to pursue their case in court.

  • Although not a full determining factor, the police report is very important in any car accident claim. In most states, it is against the law to flee the scene of an accident when serious damages or injuries have occurred. Calling the police is crucial.
  • Evidence is key for proving fault. Working with an attorney helps to ensure a full investigation is carried out so evidence can be gathered.
  • Eyewitnesses to the accident play a vital role in determining who is at fault for an accident.
  • A driver should never admit fault at the scene of the accident, even if they believe they are at fault. Admitting fault can be used against them in court.
  • Traffic cameras can sometimes be used to determine fault, especially when the accident occurs at an intersection that has mounted cameras.
  • If the negligent driver admits their fault and their insurance company agrees, the battle for a fair settlement is fairly easy.
  • If the victim does not seek immediate medical care, this can end up hurting their chances of winning their case.
  • Another issue with proving fault is the insurance company. The victim should never sign any documents without help from an attorney.
  • A person’s driving record can sometimes be used against them to prove their driving habits.

Schedule a Consultation

If you have been seriously injured in a car accident, it is your right to seek legal help. Call the office today to schedule a consultation appointment. …

Learn Exactly Why You Should Lease Commercial Property As Well As What The Huge Benefits Are

People who are prepared to begin their enterprise might need to attain property they’re able to utilize for an office building, for space for storage, or even for a store. In these cases, they’ll need to take into consideration whether they need to buy property or consider MN commercial real estate for lease. For many brand new small business owners, it will likely be a better idea to go on and check into renting the property they’ll have to have since this can offer many benefits.

One of the primary benefits associated with looking at commercial real estate for rent is actually the decreased start up expense. There are deposits necessary for the property that can vary depending on the kind of property as well as the site, however this will probably be less costly than the huge downpayment required to purchase a property. It’s also considerably lower compared to the price in order to develop a brand-new property, therefore the brand new business owner does not be required to be concerned about having the complete price or even a significant amount of money for the property at the very same time they may be attempting to launch the new small business.

Yet another benefit to investigating the JGM Properties commercial real estate which might be available for rent is actually that the brand new small business owner can still change their mind in a year or perhaps two if their particular business is actually achieving a lot. In case the organization develops very quickly, it could be difficult to sell the previous property, especially if it was developed particularly for the organization. With a rental property, it’s simple for the brand-new small business owner to simply end their particular lease and begin another one at the brand-new property. They will be in a position to pick from a large number of obtainable properties, thus they will be in the position to uncover a brand-new property that may fit the requirements of their growing organization.

If perhaps you’ll need to seek out properties that may be good for your new small business, take a little time to look into the Minnesota commercial real estate that’s accessible for rent today. This might be the best option for your organization and might give you the chance to find the best property today and in the future as your small business develops. Check out the website today in order to learn a lot more regarding the properties accessible now.…

Highlighting 9 Factors That Help Determine Whos at Fault in a Car Accident

The crunch of metal and the shattering of glass are telltale signs a car accident has just occurred. In the chaos that ensues, injured individuals sometimes do not fully understand the rights they hold or the steps that are involved in seeking fair compensation. Holding the negligent driver accountable is crucial. With this information, individuals will discover 9 Factors That Help Determine Whos at Fault in a Car Accident.

How Is Fault Determined?

The main goal of seeking a lawsuit for an accident is holding the negligent driver responsible. If the injured victim cannot establish fault, the process will be a waste of time that ends in failure. Injured victims need to be aware of the steps involved in proving fault so they will be prepared.

  • One of the biggest determiners of fault is evidence. An investigation will be launched by the attorney so evidence such as videos, photos, and eyewitness statements can be gathered. The more evidence gathered, the better the chances of being able to successfully prove fault in a claim.
  • The police report is also an important part of evidence that can be submitted in court. The police report does not definitively prove liability, but it can definitely help establish it, especially when other pieces of evidence are available.
  • The at-fault driver’s driving record can be pulled by the attorney to determine if they have had issues with traffic offenses and other accidents in the past. While this cannot directly prove the current claim, it can establish a pattern with the driver’s faults.

Should Victims Hire an Attorney?

Many injured victims wrestle with the idea of whether or not they should hire an attorney to help them. Getting legal help from the very beginning can give the injured victim a great deal of peace of mind. The attorney will take over all of the steps involved in pursuing the at-fault driver, including negotiations with the insurance company. If the negotiations fall through, the attorney will likely start the process of pursuing a lawsuit.

Call the attorney’s office today if you would like to learn more about proving your case. They will be happy to help you through the process. …

Trim Your Expenses: Small Changes Can Make a Major Difference in Your Finances

Living within one’s means can be difficult. However, there are numerous ways to trim your expenses and get back on track financially. People who pay attention to their money often find they are spending unnecessarily and can free up the funds for things they want in life, such as a vacation or retiring early. Try the following three methods to cut back on your expenses and see how much money you can free up every month.

Know Where the Money Goes

Men and women often wonder where their money goes each month. Get a small notebook and take it everywhere. Use this notebook to write down all expenses, including everything from the candy bar at the vending machine to the unexpected gas purchase. When a person does this, they often find they are spending small amounts without realizing it. Cutting back on these purchases can save a great deal of money each month.

Create a Budget

Establish a budget and stick to it. Although the process of refining a budget takes time, don’t give up. A budget helps a person keep track of their expenses and make certain no bills are overlooked. Don’t hesitate to make adjustments to the budget as needed. When a bill is paid down, for example, move those funds to another category and pay down debt or increase savings contributions. Don’t forget to include irregular expenses when creating a budget, such as car repairs or annual taxes.

Use the Envelope System

Consumers spend more when paying by credit card, according to numerous studies. Avoid this issue by using the envelope system. When a paycheck comes in, divide the cash into envelopes for different categories. For example, put $50 in the grocery envelope. When this money is gone, don’t spend any more on groceries until the next paycheck. This is a great way to keep spending under control and ensure essential bills get paid first.

Keep in mind that small changes do make a difference. For instance, simply making a cup of coffee at home rather than buying it at the local convenience store on the way to work can free up a few dollars each week. Once you have a better understanding of where your money is going, it’s easier to trim expenses. Try it today. You may be surprised when you discover where your hard-earned cash is being spent each month.…

Two Issues to Look Into When Choosing a Law Firm for a Criminal Case

Facing criminal charges of any kind can feel intimidating and disheartening. The criminal legal system in Pennsylvania can treat transgressors quite harshly, especially when they lack support and counsel.

As such, most who find themselves charged with criminal behavior of any sort will do well to get in touch with an attorney. When it comes to choosing a local law firm that is well equipped to help, there are a couple of factors that it always pays to focus on.

Simple Ways to Determine the Best Law Firm to Handle Any Criminal Case

There are plenty of lawyers and law firms in the area that will happily take on criminal cases. Given the stakes that are always involved, though, it will inevitably be worthwhile to choose the most appropriate available attorney.

That generally turns out to be easier, in practice, than many expect. Some of the issues that it will almost always be helpful to look into are:

  • Communication. Few laypeople have much experience or familiarity with the criminal legal system. That fact alone weights the odds heavily against those who fail to seek legal representation. While having a lawyer handle a criminal case will always be preferable, the nature of that professional’s approach to communication will be significant, as well. Lawyers who take the time to explain the situation and all the relevant implications help their clients make better-informed decisions.
  • Effectiveness. Being able to represent criminal defendants successfully takes quite a few skills that not all attorneys possess. Some lawyers are simply more effective than others at securing appealing plea bargain offers or arguing cases in court. Attorneys who have been especially successful in their representation of past clients will normally be happy to go into the details. Even asking a few general questions can illuminate the quality of a lawyer’s past criminal defense work.

Possibly the Most Significant Choice of All

Defendants in criminal cases will almost always be forced to make quite a few important decisions along the way. Choosing the most effective, communicative, dedicated lawyer to represent a person will inevitably be an especially productive step. Fortunately, it should normally not be difficult to determine which firms and attorneys fit the bill the best.…