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2 Types of Work Injuries

It never hurts to try and be prepared for something, even if it never happens. Consider knowledge an insurance policy of sorts, something you keep just in case you ever need it. Having some understanding of work injuries can fit into this category. Regardless of your job, educating yourself on two mishaps that can occur on the job. If you experience any of these, you may find yourself injured and temporarily out of work.

1. Falls

Across every profession, the top job incident that injures people is falling. A myriad of factors go into what happens before and after someone takes a tumble. At the top is the height from which someone falls. If you work construction and fall from a ladder or a higher floor, you may wind up with catastrophic injuries, such as fractures, traumatic brain injury and spinal cord problems. Tripping and falling on a stair or carpet in an office can leave you with serious injuries as well, like torn ligaments and fractures in the upper extremities. Watch your step and adhere to the safety standards your job requires.

2. Car Accidents

Driving at any time of the day or night can lead to an accident. When it happens while in the course of your ordinary job, the accident and its subsequent injuries may be covered under workers’ compensation insurance. The key is you had to be driving for work, not just to get to work or home. You had to be running an errand for the boss or attending a mandatory off-site function. Call a workers comp lawyer Orlando to see what other types of parameters must exist to qualify for work benefits.

Not all work incidents at work may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits under the laws of the state. In this way, it is a good idea to contact someone who can advise you as to the proper way to proceed forward.