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Tips for Choosing a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Tips for Choosing a Workers' Compensation Attorney

Not every workers’ compensation claim will require an attorney. However, you may seek an attorney if you have or expect challenges receiving compensation. Finding a great attorney takes more than just conducting an internet search, such as “workers compensation attorney Oregon.” These are a few tips for finding the right lawyer.

Case Preparation

Prior to contacting an attorney, you should gather your supporting documentation. For example, you need to gather your initial injury statement, claim filing documents and any medical or other injury-associated bills.

Then, you need to identify the specific reasons you need an attorney. For example, has your claim been denied, have you had difficulty getting required medical treatments or receiving compensation for lost wages and do you have a preexisting condition or?

Get Recommendations

First, ask your friends and family members for recommendations. If they have used a lawyer, ask them about their experience, how the lawyer prefers to communicate, and any other details you should know prior to making an appointment and throughout the process.

You may also conduct an internet search and read online reviews for the available lawyers. Any legal professional, such as a corporate or tax lawyer you have a relationship with, may also provide valuable recommendations.


Look for a lawyer who is licensed to practice in your state and has a good reputation. Make sure the attorney is not facing or has not faced any disciplinary charges and ensure they are in good standing with the state. The state bar website will be a valuable resource for this information. Check the lawyers’ experience. Make sure they have workers’ compensation experience specifically. Identify their success rates and average settlement amounts.


Meet with several lawyers. During the meeting, observe the attorneys. Do they understand the issue, are they rushed, do they listen well and do they appear competent? Ask for the attorneys’ opinions about your case and prospective settlement amount.

Typically, those with workers’ compensation lawyers receive significantly higher settlements even after you pay the legal fees.