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What To Expect at Your Bail Hearing

What To Expect at Your Bail Hearing

Though no one wishes to encounter legal issues, having an idea of what happens following an arrest can make the process less nerve-racking if it ever does happen to you. One question of particular interest to you might be at what amount a judge will set your bail. This could determine whether or not you will need to look into bail bonds Scranton PA in order to avoid spending too much time waiting in a cell. There are several factors that play a role in determining your bail amount.

Type of Crime

One of the most important influences on your bail is the nature of the charges against you. Felonies, for example, usually lead to a much higher bail than misdemeanors. Additionally, bail is usually raised for crimes that involve violence. Oftentimes, your bail can be set without going before a judge if there are no special circumstances.

Available Evidence

Another, perhaps less obvious, impact on your bail amount is the degree of proof of a crime the authorities possess. The more evidence that exists, the higher the bail will typically be. This is because judges consider arrestees who are likely to serve jail time to be a greater flight risk.

Your History

A final category of information a judge may take into consideration when determining your bail is your personal history. Generally, arrestees who have been convicted of numerous offenses in the past receive higher bail amounts. Likewise, judges tend to raise bail if a person has been known to be violent.

It is difficult to estimate your bail precisely; oftentimes mathematical tools like algorithms are used to determine bail given certain parameters. Even so, having a general understanding of what factors contribute to raising or lowering your bail may be very helpful if you ever find yourself in a legal predicament.